The Origin of the Pearl

Pearls have always stood for something special and exclusive.

Just like our culinary highlights – the gourmet pearls.
The pearls transport exquisite flavours directly to the place where they are perceived: your palate.

They provide that certain extra and enrich all kinds of food, dishes or cocktails or can just be enjoyed pure.

Because if you have tried them, you won’t forget this great taste experience – regardless of whether the filling consists of wine, spirits or fruit essences.

By using only pure vegetable ingredients, the pearls are even suitable for a vegan diet and also have a high proportion of valuable proteins and vitamins.

However, the focus is on the unique taste experience that the pearls offer.

There are no limits to how you can use them. With food – whether warm or cold – they provide additional unique accents, because the pearls only release the concentrated and original taste of their contents on the palate.

  • unique taste experience

  • For hot and cold dishes

  • For aperitifs and cocktails

  • Suitable for a vegan diet



Noble wines in a new shape

Noble wine pearls filled with selected wines from German and Italian wine-growing regions.

The pearls perfectly complement – in terms of taste as well as appearance – dishes such as

  • Game and meat dishes
  • Fish dishes and seafood
  • Pasta and noodle dishes

Garnish a cheeseboard with them as a finishing touch or an ice-cream dessert as the jewel in the crown.

The exquisite fruity taste of the wine pearles are an outstanding complement to cocktails and mixed drinks as they give them more body and complexity.

Of course for wine lovers they are also a great pleasure pure.



Vermouth pearls – noble wine with aromatic spices

Already in the time of the pharaohs, wine was mixed with herbs and later in antiquity vermouth was even used as a remedy.

We don’t attribute our pearls with any healing properties, but the filling of powerful white or red vermouth with an elegant fruit play and a great spice will certainly stimulate your taste buds. The vermouth comes from the wine manufactory Untertürkheim – known for its noble wines. The motto here is: quality not quantity, distinctiveness before quantity.

The aromatic vermouth pearls are a perfect match with:

  • Game and meat dishes
  • Fish dishes and seafood
  • Desserts and ice cream
  • Cocktails and mixed drinks

In each of the two vermouth pearl varieties, a broad spectrum of intense aromas can be found. The red vermouth pearls inspire with a fruity composition of wormwood, juniper, peach coriander, laurel, lovage and caramel.

The white vermouth pearls have an elegant combination of wormwood, juniper, coriander, elderberry, woodruff, galangal and cinnamon.



Ingenious and fresh

Our pearls are also available with exquisite spirits and liqueurs.

Of course, there are classics such as Gin, Williams-Christ and cherry brandy but also special flavours such as bitter orange or Mirabelle plum brandy.

Experience the many possible uses of our ingenious pearls with cold dishes such as cheese, sweets or desserts etc..

And especially interesting with cocktails and mixed drinks.



Aromatic essences in pearls

Our juice pearls are filled with natural elderflower extract. Elderflowers have a very intense flavour and are also believed to have natural healing properties.

The pleasant and elegant taste of our elderflower pearls not only enriches aperitifs (such as the obligatory Hugo) but also cocktails and desserts.

Get spring on your plate and in your glass with the elderflower pearls!



Creamy and tasty

The noble Balsamico for our vinegar pearls is produced in Vignola, at the foot of the hills around Modena. Due to its long maturation in oak barrels, the balsamic vinegar becomes intensely fruity and at the same time harmonious in taste.

Balsamic pearls are an excellent addition to meat, hot and cold vegetable dishes, many different salads and of course tomatoes and mozzarella.